Обучающие игры

Simple and addictive puzzle game with portals logic.
Target: install 4 elements in points  specified on a level. For achievement of the purpose it is possible to use: Portals, Antiportals, Dynamic portals.
For geniuses from 7 years.

DownLoad (for Android) 

KeyBox -game and keyboard trainer ,quick  and amazing studying for typing on keyboard.

This kids’ typing program has games your kids can play to practice typing. Game has symbol that fall from the top to the bottom of the screen. You must type the symbol before it reaches the beaver. From there, the lessons are customized to the child’s skill level, and they are easy-to-follow as your child moves through the kids typing program.


Download Game ( in demo mode only 3 level ) .

Pay  via: Pay via SMS Pay via Softkey


KeyJones game is a dynamic and exciting  keyboard trainer like  arcade game.
Goal of the game, controlling a submarine to collect all the stars at the level, avoiding a collision with depth charges. To control the use letter keys.

Learning through play is one of the most effective teaching methods. Children attending with a share of interest, learn the material under study is faster and more efficiently.

 Download Game   ( In the demo mode is available  3 levels).

System requirements:
Windows XP / 1,6 GHz processor / 128 MB RAM / Sound/ DirectX 9.0с or later

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